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Saying that we’re in an “everything bubble” might sound clever but it’s really an exaggeration: valuations aren’t actually stretched in all asset classes. Look at a gold chart going back to 2011 and you’ll see that it’s a great time to consider a position in precious metals. The question is, what’s the best way to play the precious metals breakout of 2019?

We happen to have access to the world’s top precious metals and mining experts, and Crush the Street had the rare opportunity to speak with Rich Munson, the CEO of Sandspring Resources Ltd. (TSX-V:SSP, OTC:SSPXF), a Canadian-listed junior gold mining company leading the responsible development of South America’s emerging western Guyana gold district.

Mr. Munson has been heavily involved in the commodities and natural resources space for quite a while –  since the 1980s, in fact – and he has been involved with the Toroparu mining project since 1999 through ETK, Inc., a Guyana corporation formed when he and John Adams obtained the rights to the land concession now known as Toroparu.

In 2009, Mr. Rich Munson became the CEO and a Director of Sandspring Resources, when the company acquired the Toroparu Gold Project. Active in the natural resources industry for over 35 years, Rich Munson began his career as a taxation lawyer. In 1985, he joined the Energy Fuels Corporation group of companies, where he serves as a Director and Executive Vice President.

Courtesy: Rich Munson

With gold ramping up lately, Crush the Street sought Mr. Munson’s opinions on what’s happening with gold right now and how investors can take a position. According to Rich Munson, gold is attractive for a number of reasons, including the fact that so many countries around the world are saddled with massive amounts of debt, which has to be repaid in U.S. dollars.

When we look at the volatility in the U.S. equities markets, according to Rich Munson, there really is no better safe haven than gold. Gold has always been, and will always continue to be, the best safe haven, explains Mr. Munson.

As Rich describes it, we’ve had some strengthening in gold, and people are talking a lot more about gold now that it’s breaking out. We literally went for months in 2018 without seeing any bullish articles being written about gold, according to Rich Munson, but that’s all changing now.

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Courtesy: Rich Munson

For investors looking to make the most of gold’s new bull market, they should consider looking at the mining space. As the CEO of Sandspring Resources (TSX.V:SSP, OTC:SSPXF), Rich Munson has observed that the South American nation of Guyana has been an easy place to do business as a gold miner for quite a while.

Taking selected positions in gold mining stocks is an excellent way to get leverage with gold on the cusp of a huge move in 2019. Sandspring Resources, in particular, has been doing business in the gold mining space in a variety of locations around the world, and according to Rich Munson, there are a number of things to look for in regards to the gold miners.

For one thing, it’s important that a miner conduct its operations in a region that’s friendly towards the mining business. Sandspring operates in Guyana, where it’s very easy to do business: it’s English-speaking and well educated, has a small population, and has a forward-looking government.

These are essential criteria to look at when evaluating a mining company, and we agree with Rich Munson that Sandspring Resources excels in these aspects of the gold mining business; it’s of the many reasons we’re long-term bullish on SSP/SSPXF stock.

Courtesy: Rich Munson

There’s a wealth of information and insights into the metals and mining space in Crush the Street’s interview with Rich Munson, so you’ll definitely want to watch the full presentation. And as a leveraged investment in gold’s tremendous upside potential, we agree with Mr. Munson that Sandspring Resources is poised for substantial upside in the coming months and years.

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