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6 Highly Speculative Super Growth Stocks

Investing in tomorrow’s potential runners doesn’t get much easier than this. Low-cost, but highly specific: A strong focus on great small-cap companies can be yours.

    The Ultimate Chinese Portfolio

    Today, we can’t afford to restrict their outlook. Instead, we must think globally, as the biggest gains aren’t always coming from your home country.

      Seven Dividends Beasts To Hold Forever

      It’s what made legendary investors billions, yet it’s unappreciated. It’s more powerful than a freight train, yet gradual like a sunrise. I’m talking about the incredible power of compounding, which you can leverage through long-term positions in dividend-paying stocks.

        Tech Wreck 2021: The Ultimate “Buy Low” List

        In order to sell high, you first have to buy low. For the first time I’m sharing exactly what I’m doing in my own portfolio, because there’s a lot of forced-selling, which has caused companies to fall.

          4 Critical Companies for 2021

            Tech Portfolio 2021: The Big, The Small, and the Stealth

            In the past year, going back to April 2020, we’ve published 8 Watch Lists, comprising of a total of 56 companies. Today, we reveal our six newest highlighted companies.

              EV’s, Online Shopping and Tech Boom: Under-the-Radar

              This is our 7th Watch List and, today, we want to unveil our 2nd list for 2021. I want to explain that in February 2021, the time this report is written, the markets are on fire. This is the reason that we have noted limit orders, since we want to conduct due diligence on great companies, only when they’re valued for prices that make sense to us.

                Last Great Buying Opportunity in Post-Covid19 Rally

                Keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel: the media will distract you from your purpose as an investor, which is to look where no one else is looking and find value where others will only discover it much later. That’s the mandate of value investing and it works consistently if you apply its principles correctly.

                  Election Buy List: These Can Soar!

                  After picking dozens of consistent winners and some of them literally doubling in price, our featured undervalued stock pick reports are extremely popular. These are the culmination of months of intensive research on both the companies’ financials and the technical features of the stocks.

                    Tidal Wave of Innovation: Transformative Tech and Cutting-Edge Companies to Watch for the Next Decade

                    Some say that ten years into the future, the 2020s will be remembered for turmoil and division. However, not all change and disruption will be negative. Incredible and previously unimaginable technological innovations will enhance and transform our lives. These changes must be acknowledged because they cannot be stopped and they will impact every facet of our lives.

                      SHOPPING LIST Q3 2020: A New Menu for the COVID-19 Recovery!

                      In the face of disaster, some companies fell by the wayside while others adapted, adjusted, and thrived. Central bank intervention and government bailouts favored certain businesses over others, while a handful of companies demonstrated their staying power in times of crisis.

                        Full Shopping List: COVID-19 Sell-Off Bargain Menu of Stocks

                        COVID-19 was a POTENTIALLY MUCH LARGER health emergency than it is turning out to be but the measures taken to avoid the OVERLOAD and subsequent toppling of our healthcare system -- which clearly wasn’t ready for the number of respirators, hospital beds, and other medical supplies and devices a coronavirus REQUIRES in specific areas and not nationwide (where there’s more than enough) -- have brought ECONOMIC DISASTER.