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FAST AND FIERCE CHANGES in Cannabis: The Whole World is Getting on Board!

In Canada, the consumption on cannabis for medical purposes has been in effect since 2001, but on October 17th, 2018, legal use of cannabis for recreation purposes went into full effect and the floodgates have been unleashed.

A fast a furious chain of events are taking place to buildout the infrastructure of the cannabis industry!

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    The headlines are declaring it a foregone conclusion: the legalization movement for cannabis is winning the war, one state and one nation at a time. Investors are focusing on the United States and Canada, and there are certainly big changes afoot there – but there’s another market to take advantage of, and it’s far bigger than North America.

    Globally, there is a motherlode of profits for the taking…

    In today’s interconnected world, you’ve got to think globally as an investor. That’s especially true with cannabis investing: in fact, global spending on legal cannabis is expected to reach $63.5 billion by 2024. The trajectory is straight north, and we’re witnessing a financial windfall in progress:

    Courtesy of Prohibition Partners,

    This is exactly what the beginning of a bull market looks like: a huge infusion of capital coming in – and world governments opening the floodgates with changes in government policies and regulations.

    I personally at Crush the Street have been studying this phenomenon and have discovered that a very strategic way to tap this fast-growing market is to hone in on a company with the ability to legally export cannabis in multiple nations.

    A multinational focus makes perfect sense because the cannabis market isn’t limited to just one region or demographic segment and it will play right into the hands of International Cannabis.

    What turned me onto this company was their focus on creating a diverse portfolio of top-tier cannabis companies in targeted nations for the legalized cannabis market, that could multiply the potential for profits exponentially.

    Fortunately for us as early investors, International Cannabis Corp. (CSE:WRLD & US: KNHBF) is in fact a company that specializes in the acquisition and operation of cannabis assets worldwide. And after the research that I’ve done, what I can say is the upside could be enormous.

    Understand that even in the US there are handcuffs on companies to be able to export cannabis from state to state which hinders profit potential. It’s like expecting Michael Jordan to do what he did in basketball if he had one hand tied behind his back. Granted, he still would be better than 99% of people, but certainly would not have thrived to the same degree.

    While International Cannabis Corp. is headquartered in Canada, the heart of the cannabis legalization movement, the firm believes in global cultivation – not only of legal cannabis, but also of great companies that profit from it.

    Through its subsidiaries, International Cannabis has numerous agreements in place for European-based pharmaceutical distribution, wholesale importation, research and development, as well as working interests in industrial hemp licenses.

    The mission of the company is simple yet powerful: to further establish itself as an international cannabis industry consolidation platform through its diversified portfolio of companies and subsidiaries. Fundamentally, what International Cannabis does is augment the design, development, and production of the world’s most innovative and best-performing cannabis products and facilities; to achieve this, the company has formulated key alliances and critical associations with top-notch companies in the space.

    Currently, International Cannabis is operating in regions that are ideal for the emerging legalized cannabis market:

    ⦁ In Denmark, for instance, the company controls licenses for cannabis cultivation and manufacturing.
    ⦁ In Greece, the firm has working interests in an industrial hemp license.
    ⦁ In Colombia and Africa, International Cannabis possesses licenses to cultivate, produce, distribute, store, and export cannabis and cannabis products.

    Because of International Cannabis’s strategic alliances in so many locations across the globe, some truly awe-inspiring numbers have emerged:

    Courtesy of International Cannabis Corp. Investor Presentation

    It’s a force to be reckoned with: 35,000 pharmacies in 16 countries being represented by International Cannabis, plus a 475,000-square-foot greenhouse preparing to be constructed in cannabis-friendly Denmark. Multiple licenses for cultivation – along with a whole lot of fertile, cultivation-ready land – add up to easy expansion opportunities for this leading-edge firm.

    No doubt, there is hype stirring around the cannabis industry that in some cases making certain companies trade out in front of their skis. For me, anytime this happens, it’s extremely important to reign in the research and only expose yourself to the opportunities which have the best chances of growing your investment.

    My focus is on International Cannabis Corp. (CSE:WRLD & US: KNHBF) and the modern age of legalization is more than ready for this specific opportunity. I HIGHLY recommend you dive into further research on this company immediately for more of your own due diligence.

    Nothing makes me happier than to hear the success stories come in from my readers. Be sure to note this day as the day you were introduced to WRLD.

    The time to be looking into International Cannabis Corp. (CSE:WRLD & US: KNHBF) is now!

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