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The global economy has arguably undergone three of its most unprecedented eras in this new millennium. The century kicked off with the Dotcom bubble burst and 9/11.

Next came the subprime mortgage crisis, which nearly toppled over the entire financial system and bankrupted entire countries.

In the past few years, we’ve been coming out of one of the strictest and most rigid political environments in modern history, with lockdowns, shutdowns, and health restrictions.

Throughout over two decades, three self-made multimillionaires have been analyzing businesses, making investment fortunes, and are now molding their personalities and insights into the Crush The Street newsletter.

We presented such radical ideas (at the time) as gold at $1,053, Bitcoin at $450/coin, Ethereum at $12/token, and we continue to share with our readers what we are doing right now to build, preserve, and sustain wealth in the most challenging economic scenario of our lives.

Our newsletter is our way of encapsulating our BEST and most PURIFIED insights and our personal action steps to continue on our financial journey.

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Kenneth Ameduri

Kenneth Ameduri

Owner & Chief Editor

Kenneth Ameduri is a business-minded individual who has learned to be successful from an early age. This entrepreneurial spirit steered him towards a business-driven path that inevitably lead him to business school. He studied at California Polytechnic University Pomona, where he obtained his business degree with a concentration in accounting. Prior to this, he has been a student of economics and finance since his days as a teenager.

Kenneth has taken the knowledge he has compiled in the business world and is now pouring it into Future Money Trends for the benefit of its members. In our premier membership packages, you will be able to connect with Kenneth personally and get his advice on goals and business decisions that you are interested in.

He is the co-founder of the Future Money Trends and Crush The Street.