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Not Wealthy Enough To Meet Skyrocketing Rates, “Middle Class Is Being Crushed By Obamacare”

This article was written by Michael Snyder and originally published at his Economic Collapse blog. Editor’s Comment: This insurance scam – enforced essentially at gunpoint – is absolutely devastating to the those paying out of pocket, who are forced to meet ridiculous premiums, or the threat of a rather significant fine. Michael Snyder makes a great point that is true not only for Obamacare, and its colossal injustice, but for post-collapse America in general. The middle class is not wealthy e..

Rothschild Warns “Biggest Financial Experiment in History” About to Unleash Consequences Unknown

These are truly unprecedented times. Central bankers have never had more power; monetary policy has never been stranger. Stock markets are at record highs, but the real economy is stagnate and suffering. The individuals in it are finding it difficult to makes ends meet, and are drowning in debt. All the quantative easing went straight to the top; investment had literally no incentive to flow into the larger body. The system is top heavy, topsy turvy and weak in the knees. Collapse appears inev..

“Take That Sh*t To The Suburbs”: What To Do When Civil Unrest Comes To Your Hood

This article was written by Daisy Luther and originally published at The Organic Prepper.ca. Editor’s Comment: The programming of this astroturf unrest, patently funded by George Soros, is indeed designed to carry on to the suburbs. The whole script of these clashes is to divide white-and-black society as much as possible; the tension between police and people of color is at a head already, but will become even more vitriolic. What they’re doing won’t be done until the terror of mindless viole..

Chinese Tourists: Profit From the New Globe-Trotters

Chinese Tourists: Profit From the New Globe-Trotters by Samuel Taube, Staff Writer, Investment U Thursday, August 18, 2016 Market Trends In a recent post, I explained how China’s growing middle class is shaping global markets. Chinese tourism is a great example. It’s a large consumer trend that is ripe for Western investment. China is the world’s fourth-largest source of tourists. That’s after the U.S., the UK and Germany. And it’s climbing that list. 2015 saw 120 million outbound Chinese tourists, a 12% increase from 2014. These globe-trotters spent more than $100 billion in their destination countries, a 16% yearly increase. For now, most Chinese tourists still travel within Asia. South Korea, Taiwan and Japan remain their top three destinations. But Chinese tourism to the West is quickly rising. France, I..
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